Posts tr0n has been spotted in Saipan

tr0n has been spotted in Saipan


Thomas Christopher Mitchell (also known as tr0n or tron), a convicted child sodomite, has been spotted in Saipan which is part of the Commonewealth of Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific. It seems that this has been his strategy to avoid having to register as a convicted sex offender in the states.

I personaly don’t think this is a good strategy for him considering the following demographic facts:

Saipan Demographics

Percentage White2.1%
Number of White People1012
Number of fat white losers with pedophile moustaches1

It’s safe to say that he clearly sticks out like a kiddie raping sore thumb in this tiny island in the Pacific

In any case residents of Saipan who have young children are advised to be on the lookout for this kiddy diddling creep.

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