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solitary poor nasty brutish and short


I usually find these memes coming from alt-right types and white nationalists on the internet who want to go back to the “good old days” of using urine to wash their underwear and whiten their teeth then go home to kiss their filthy peasant women who just used some face cream made out of the dead skin cells of Roman gladiators.

I’m not sure why any idiot would romanticize Ancient Rome, a place where people were constantly malnourished, unhygienic, and living in abject poverty. These clowns don’t realize that life in Ancient Rome was far from glamorous; it was full of suffering and humiliation for most people. And yet these imbeciles fetishize the idea of an idealized past with strong men wearing capes and sandals while bragging about washing their junk with somebody else’s piss! It’s fucking disgusting!

These morons are too stupid to realize that Ancient Roman men weren’t even warriors – they were mostly peasants who lived hard lives trying desperately just survive another day. So if you’re one of those idiots thinking about going back in time for a bit of nostalgia… think again! You’ll likely end up being enslaved or killed by your own ignorance!

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