Posts leku is gone, long live leku

leku is gone, long live leku

A week ago I said it was too early to call his demise.

<larsini0> leku must be really dead
<larsini0> `seen leku
<larsini0> is leku on the run
<larsini0> `seen leku
<larsini0> its so funny that leku got demoralized and shit
<larsini0> and no leku
<larsini0> !rip17 leku
<larsini0> `seen leku
<larsini0> did leku lose his phocus
<larsini0> blackdevl: are you the new leku?
<kongfuzi> larsini0 was making laps around leku's grave and he wasn't 
            even in it yet.

But now that 18 days have passed it’s safe to say that leku is no longer with us.

<ballsbot> kongfuzi: I last saw leku in another channel 18 days, 7 hours ago.

How much credibility does my theory have?

<kongfuzi> leku left because I called him out for being a coding bootcamp 
           halfwit who doesn't understand the bloated code that he writes 
           and he can't ban me for it like he usually does when someone calls 
           him out.  So he just up and left like a total weasel.

I’m pretty sure everyone has other theories as to his disappearance. Some ideas include:

  • Pais Effect Teleportation
  • Long COVID/Triple Booster Shot Sequelae
  • Secretly chatting under a new identity
  • Sister-Wife caught him browsing chaturbate and has banned him from the computer

Or maybe he was just fed up with all the racism on the channel.

[#1313] <leku> i wanna dress up in blackface as a jamboy
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