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his st0ry

his st0ry

Hark, a tale of hist0ry, an online troll of ill will
Who attacks people on IRC with a sickness he won’t still
His spouse a black transexual man, infected him with HIV
Then pREP he’d take to hold his life, for he had yet to die

But his body did waste away, from the wasting of AIDS
His posture and face so gaunt and thin, no longer with joy he’d raise
In jest he’d pretend to be a comic, a jester of sorts
But his life’s naught but mockery, for his jokes are the worst of sorts

Sympathy for him there is none, for he attacks families online
He’s an online troll of the worst kind, who deserves no more time
He’s a man of woes and misery, a man who took a man as ‘wife’
He’s a man who deserves no pity, for his life is his own strife.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.