Posts The Chinese sent their spies to steal USA's alien technology

The Chinese sent their spies to steal USA's alien technology

Many individuals have been left perplexed by recent reports about the so-called “Chinese Spy Balloon” fiasco, which have flooded the news cycle with some people saying that this is the “Pearl Harbor” of our times. In response to the US Government’s accusations of espionage, the Chinese Communist Party has stated that these were nothing more than research balloons since, as we all know, the CCP is very interested in scientific knowledge, even if it had no immediate economic application. However, the fine lads at Langley, VA, believe that the Chinese were spying on American ballistic missile capabilities to prepare for war over Taiwan and to get back at the United States for banning Tiktok. Some have speculated that the balloons were part of a coordinated effort by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chinese government to transmit the next strain of the WuFlu. What if, however, I told you that the real goal of these balloons is to spy on the cutting-edge extraterrestrial technology used by the United States?

According to several news outlets and online articles, the US Navy has been working with a man named Salvatore Pais, whom leku dubs the “Einstein of our generation,” to reverse engineer some of the alien technology they obtained in the 1950s before they incinerated the little green men who were piloting those alien craft that crashed on Roswell, NM. After over half a century of research, they have filed public patents on their discoveries to prevent the Chinese from copying them. As is well known, the Chinese have the utmost respect for intellectual property laws.

So why is China very concerned about these patents?

Salvatore Pais Invention Patents

Patent ClaimUSPTODate
Craft using an inertial mass reduction device1014453212/4/2018
High frequency gravitational wave generator103228276/18/2019
EM field generator and method to generate an EM field101353669/20/2018
Plasma Compression Fusion Device201902957339/26/2019
Laser augmented turbojet propulsion system201703134467/25/2006

As we can see, some very mind-bending technologies are being developed in the United States, as seen by their patent applications. Someone reading those titles may assume that it contains a list of plot devices for Jon Favreau’s next grand entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just a casual read through the titles of the patents, we could recognize the potential for further development of such technologies. We could all agree that these would pave the way for many exciting possibilities, from FTL interstellar travel, deflecting meteorite and asteroid strikes, protecting our 5G equipment from solar flares, and helping the US military achieve its goals of spreading freedoms around the world.

These developments have China quite worried, as the US’s development of these technologies would threaten their plans to invade Taiwan for their precious semiconductors, which the US has prevented them from accessing. China could not further its Tiktok AI mind control operations without these computer chips. They need those computer chips to analyze all the twerking and school fight videos as part of their data gathering of the super exciting lives of our fellow citizens.

As a result, fellow Americans may be confident that our government is trying to defend us against the Yellow Aggression and advance humanity’s understanding of the world around us. Maybe one day, we’ll be able to assist Elon Musk in going to Mars and getting our Twitter back while simultaneously blasting the rice hats off of those yellow-bellied rice farmers in Beijing and sending Xi Jinping running to Putin’s arms for help.

These new alien tech patents are something to be excited about. As a testament to this, leku has placed a bet against me for my skepticism that these patent applications are nothing more than a psyop staged by the US government to confound its rivals.

The US Patent applications convince people like leku that these innovations are legitimate in the same way the biotechnology company Theranos had over 700 patent applications. In my next column, we’ll take a closer look at these patent applications to see what sort of predicament Xi Jinping and the CCP Tiktok Communists may expect from the United States and some good high-tech Area 51 technology.

<leku> dr pais is not lying
<leku> this dude is legit
<leku> hes just on some next level shit
<leku> the world isnt ready for it yet
<leku> listen to the interview
<leku> this guy is legit
<leku> you guys are all morons
<leku> and pseudo scientists
<leku> thats the reality
<leku> its an interesting theory but if you listen to this itnerview
<leku> you'll realise
<leku> you sound like an idiot
<leku> imagine not understanding high frequency gravitational wave generators
<leku> and thinking its all a hoax cuz you're small monkey brain cant understand the advanced physics
<leku> ACTION rolls his eyes
<leku> this craft is surrounded by an electrically charged plasma, and microwave emitters accelerate their vibration frequency
<leku> why is this hard to understand
<leku> if this guy is proven right in like 4-5 years
<leku> would you be willing to eat your own dick?
<leku> ok bet
<leku> not saying it was aliens..
<leku> but aliens
<leku> yeah cuz the pais' patents are the same thing
<leku> lol
<leku> this interview is so good
<leku> some of these UAPs he's saying are probably balls of plasma
<leku> probes
<leku> this guy is so deep
<leku> hes basically a living einstein
<leku> just ahead of his time
<leku> and has a higher understanding of math and physics than pretty much everyone
<leku> pple dont want to peer review for various reasons
<leku> listen to the interview
<leku> he explains why
<leku> ok
<leku> this is the point of the time where pais defends himself against the real charlatans like kongfuzi
<leku> you should break out your high school algebra
<leku> and school this dude
<leku> he got like 5 patents
<leku> hopefully they can keep cranking out the drones for UKRAINE
<leku> this guy is a fuckin patriot
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