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pray for weev

Our dear friend weev is stuck in a war zone without consistent access to power. Please pray for his safety.

His story is the only evidence you need as to why you should never go against the ZOGosphere.

<@weev> i went months with like 10 minutes a day of power
<@weev> it sucks
<@weev> warzone sucks
<@kongfuzi> 10 minutes? 
<@kongfuzi> like they can't generate enough power?
<@kongfuzi> what's the point of even getting 10 minutes?
<@weev> you can charge a phone somewhat in 10 minutes
<@weev> if you leave a few phones and batteries plugged in you will be able to sparingly 
        use phones through the day
<@weev> youd be surprised how far 10 minutes of power can go
<@weev> makes a big difference
<@weev> i dont have a valid passport anyone recognizes
<@weev> i will get arrested in western europe
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